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Best Bicycle Repair Stands in 2018

If you should be a hardcore biker, then you are aware how much care switches right into preserving your bike at tip-top shape. Even if it’s the case that you don’t ride it you are going to gradually need to perform routine maintenance on it to help keep it functioning nicely.

Repair Stands

Unlike your car, yet, when that time comes you don’t of necessity have to take it to a professional to have it fixed. For small problems such as a retractable nut or even a bent bar, you don’t will need to shell out potentially tens of thousands of bucks to obtain back out to your way.

Instead, you may work on your bike at the comfort of one’s own home and spare plenty of time and money. But focusing in your motorcycle if it’s resting on a kick stand is bothersome and painful, if you don’t utilized to become bent in odd angles as you attempt to find the suitable leverage.

Thankfully, that you really do not need to rely on the strength of your kickstand, also you also may work with a bicycle repair rack instead. In this situation, the stand will maintain your bicycle in the angle that you want, which means that you do not need to jelqing and contort your self as you are working.

So, with that in mind, let us look at the best bicycle repair stands you are able to buy, along with go over a number of the important considerations you need to factor in your last choice.

Things to Consider for Bicycle Repair Stands


First of all, you must be certain the stand will soon be able to grip your bicycle appropriately. Cheap models will only give you the option to lift your bike off the ground, which means that you just may not be able to tilt it up or down to find a much better angle.

Eventually, that will conquer the entire purpose of experiencing a bicycle stand, so do yourself a favor and receive yourself a unit using a wick that will rotate you can get your bicycle at any position you like. The different issue to consider about with your clamp is if you want to buy to really have a fast discharge function.

This way you can pop the bike in and out without having to readjust the stiffness every time. This is likely to get the entire thing far more convenient overall.

Adjustable Height

For most bicycle stands, they’re perhaps not assembled using a specific journey inside mind. As such, they’ve to become able to correct to meet your needs. Within this situation, you would like to acquire yourself a model that gives you the ability to extend the elevation so that you may put the bike at the level you want.

To receive the best leverage, you also will want to enhance the full bike upward to about chest height so you can see everything and fix things so.


Whenever you look at most bicycle stands, you are going to understand they have between two and four toes at the bottom. Lower-end models will only use two feet, so whereas high-end ones could possess three or four. If you’re planning on focusing using a clean, flat surface, then just two toes is all that you require for stability.

However, that which you also need to consider is because you modify the position of the bike, it will correct the center of gravity, so meaning that if your stance is not stable, it will topple over.

For best results we advise three or more to four feet on the bottom. That fashion in which you’ll be able to work on uneven terrain, plus it’s not going to make a difference if it becomes too top heavy. Four feet will even keep your motorcycle stable in any position, but it will mean that it takes up more space overall.

Tool Tray Option

One feature you’ll see on most bicycle fix stands may be the inclusion of a tool tray. Perhaps not all models have this convenient device, however nevertheless, it can earn a major difference. Most of the trays have been designed to accommodate handheld gear, and so they even have notches in the side for Allen wrenches. If advantage is most crucial to you, then we recommend getting a model on this feature.

Best Bicycle Repair Stands

1. Park Tool PCS-10 Work Stand

Our second model will be really a stand out of Park Tool. As we said, new names don’t account for much with these products, yet this device is a lot more powerful than others you are able to discover for exactly the same price.

The metal is only a little thicker and heavier than some of the additional stands we will visit, however, that makes it well suited for semi-permanent use.

Screw-Type Clamp

The clamp onto this model is as easy because it’s effective. Using an adjustable screw, you also can tighten across the bicycle body with ease. In addition, the sturdiness of this bolt means that you do not have to fret about the bike slipping or falling out in clumps as you are functioning.

Best of all you can spin it 360 degrees to do your job in any given angle. This particular model can match any frame which steps between ⅞ inch up to 3 inches. To protect the bike it has rubberized in-soles that make sure it’s not metal on alloy action.

Folding Storage

Although all bike stands fold to get storage that is simpler, the Park Tool model will not get it done nicely as some other models. That said, you may still make it perform if you want, but we suggest that you place up this at a part of one’s garage where it might remain open for almost all of moment. The reason for that is that it’s heavier than most stands and the thighs don’t keep upright after you collapse. Yet, it really does what it needs to complete.

Bi-Pod Design

Even though this stand only has two feet, the way it’s designed helps make it seem like it has just three. That is because it rests at an angle, so so the point where the thighs meet with the middle pole is increased marginally so as to give you more stability. The truth is that this specific model may consume to one hundred pounds without any difficulties. Section of this can also be because of the metal frame.

Adjustable Height

As far since that the height is concerned to this particular model, it starts with a conventional 41-inch pole and certainly will stretch upto 72 in.. The adjustment knob can be remarkably tight so that it won’t shift after you set the motorcycle around the stand.

What We Liked

  • Durable Metal framework
  • Adjustable twist type clamp
  • Rotates 360 degrees for advantage
  • Folds up for Simple storage
  • Adjustable height involving 41-66 inches
  • Tripod design for stability
  • Holds up to 100 pounds
  • Rubber feet do not mark the ground


  • Durable construction
  • Straightforward to utilize
  • Folds compactly
  • Stays stable in most surroundings
  • Adjustable settings
  • Supports most bikes


  • Stands open up while moving the device
  • Weightier compared to other comparable models
  • Compact Dimension in not smaller than conventional size

Final Thoughts

If you should be looking for something which will sit inside your own garage and be used often, then this is the suitable stand foryou. The substance, weight, and sturdiness with this unit make it well suited for permanent or semi-permanent usage, so we highly suggest it for almost any cyclist that prefer to do the job in their own rides regularly.

2. Feedback Sport Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand

If it has to do with bicycles, you need to take in to account the reputation of the new you’re obtaining.

However, so far as repair stands proceed, brand names do not actually mean anything, and therefore do not assume this one firm is far better than other because it looks such as an even more established name. That being said, we’re starting off with an adequate stand from Feedback Sports.

Strong Clamp

Once we talked about above, probably the main component to almost any repair rack would be the fact that clamp. If that doesn’t do the job nicely, then you might aswell be buying a heap of garbage as it won’t help you reach whatever else about your own bike. Thus, with this in mind the Sport Mechanic Stand has an elegant spinner-knob clamp which is not difficult to correct and will conform to all bicycle frames.

The absolute most important aspect of the clamp is whether it could take your bike in virtually any position, and this unit features that in spades. With 360 degrees of rotation, you can focus in your own bike in just about any way that you see suit.

Adjustable Height

No matter how tall you are or how big your bike is, even the Sport Mechanic needs to fit your needs just nice. The middle pole has a readily adjustable clasp which can go on it out of the typical elevation of forty two inches and lift everything of the way upto 2 inches. Though that really isn’t the tallest option we will notice, it should suffice for customers.

Compact Storage

One of the best issues about bike repair stands would be that they fold for effortless storage. Inside this case, you can jump the pole and fold the ft to ensure it is a perfect fit for the majority of garages. Just place at the corner, also it’ll be out of this way immediately. Best of all, this rack weighs only a couple pounds, rendering it both lightweight and more convenient.

Sturdy Tripod Configuration

Stability is another critical part of a mend stand, and the Sport Mechanic has it better than many using a sturdy tripod setting. Because it’s 3 Rubber-capped feet, so you also can work on your bike indoors or out and irregular terrain if you so chose. Best of all, the tripod may consume to sixtyfive pounds, making it much more durable than another models which are out there.

What We Liked:

  • Durable Metal frame
  • Spinner knob clamp holds bike set up
  • Rotates a full 360 degrees without allowing go
  • Adjustable Peak involving 42-65 inches
  • Holds around 65 pounds
  • Tripod ft for Far Better stability
  • Folds up for storage
  • Lightweight design weighs half pounds


  • Durable construction
  • Straightforward to set up and carry down
  • Compact storage
  • Retains motorcycle nicely
  • Heavy-duty Materials
  • Convenient customization options
  • Perfect for beginners or experts alike


  • Not good for heavier bikes
  • Perhaps Not ideal for much more in-depth repairs
  • Knob Is Quite Big and may get in the way sometimes

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you require a nice repair rack to work on your own bike, then that really is a good option. It doesn’t conduct such a thing remarkable, nevertheless, it’s whatever that you must find the work done.


3. Bikehand Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Rack Stand

So far as bicycle repair frames move, this subsequent one is great because of its lightweight design and style and the fact that it has a couple of extra features that make it stick outside there.

That said, if you’re looking for something quick and user friendly, this could possibly be an excellent choice.

Alloy Aluminum Frame

While some bike stands are produced from heavy-duty steel, the Bikehand Guru has aircraft-grade aluminum that causes it to be both lightweight and durable. Overall you can support up to fifty-five pounds onto this particular unit without any problems whatsoever.

Additionally, the top modification with this particular model goes among thirty-nine to fifty-nine inches, then which can be around the lower end of this spectrum. Preferably, the rack is assembled for smaller bikes in place of big bulky ones.

Rotating Clamp

When speaking about motorcycle stands, acquiring an adjustable wrench is second to none. That being said, the clamp on this model is super user friendly and may rotate a full 360 degrees. 1 factor to remember, nevertheless, is that unit is designed for lightweight bicycles, and therefore do not overload it or else you also might cause damage to the clamp.

Tools Holster

One of the best factors to receive a stand for this one is because it has an instrument holder on the side. Although this device is made of thin plastic, it’s super handy and convenient as you work. On either side are specially designed grooves to put on Allen wrenches, and the centre has deep indentations therefore that you may put almost any software within just. If you have a choice between obtaining a stand with or without this device, we declare that you just choose the one which matches it.

Compact Storage

Because this repair endure is much bigger than most and only includes two feet, it might fold upward simpler and more costlier compared to the majority of other units. If you get a limited workspace, we strongly suggest that you obtain something like this.

What We Liked:

  • A metal aluminum framework
  • Adjustable elevation using quick release clamp
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Stands up to 55 pounds
  • Tool holster on the side
  • Two feet for stability
  • Folds up for Straightforward storage
  • Rubber feet will not mark floors


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to utilize
  • Fully adjustable
  • Retains any bicycle
  • Instrument holster included
  • Stable on many surfaces
  • Won’t mark floors
  • Compact storage


  • In rare Scenarios, the clamp may break under pressure
  • In rare cases, the pole may backslide following adjusting the height
  • Perhaps Not stable on irregular surfaces

Final Thoughts

Overall, what gets the Bikehand Pro Repair Stand really unique and versatile is it’s lightweight and simple to setup. Ergo, if you don’t have a specially heavy bike and want some thing that is significantly more suitable than anything, that can be definitely an excellent option.


4. Portable Home Bike Repair Stand

Following, we have a conventional portable fix stand from Conquer. While the name of the product is remarkably easy, we need to state model is just one of the best that we’ve seen.

If it regards stability, versatility, and performance, here may be the golden standard. Watch what this stand has to offer you.

Rotating Clamp

Although the clamp onto this model is not anything special, it’s still robust enough to grip almost any bicycle at any angle. It could rotate around 360 degrees with no slipping or sliding, and also the screw-type modification makes all far simpler overall.

The only thing we would like to improve is to give it a fast release handle to make everything that far more convenient. The clamp can accommodate involving thirty and seventy-five millimeters, along with hold up to fifty pounds at all angles.

Adjustable Peak

As far as customization moves with this model, the adjustment settings are incredibly user-friendly and also deliver you the option of going from forty-five inches all of the solution to one-hundred in.. Which ought to be enough height for virtually any biker, irrespective of measurement.

Quadripod Style

Even as we stated above, with four legs onto your own repair rack is best because it will provide stability on almost any area and will not shift or tip over because you work. In this case, the four feet are rubber tipped to prevent scuff marks, plus then they also fold up neatly to provide you with ideal storage options.

Tools Tray

Perhaps one among the absolute most valuable additions to some bike stand would be a instrument tray, and also the one that comes with this specific model is better compared to most. The plastic is significantly thicker compared to several other variants, plus it has more distance that you put your equipment. Best of all you can correct its own positioning, so it really is equally as convenient as you can.

What We Liked:

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Rotating clamp turns 360 degrees
  • Adjusts involving 30-75mm
  • sweeps around fifty pounds
  • Quadripod legs
  • Stable on surfaces
  • Rubber feet won’t mark floors
  • Folds up for compact storage
  • Top adjustment among 45-72 inches
  • Device T-Ray included
  • One year limited guarantee


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to utilize
  • Fully adjustable
  • Stable on surfaces
  • Tool tray is included
  • won’t indicate floors
  • Performs on almost all bikes


  • In rare cases, you won’t be able to hold the bicycle at a rotated position
  • In Some Cases, it won’t work on heftier bikes
  • Top adjustment can stick sometimes

Final Thoughts

Overall, it must be just one of the favorite fixing stands. You get all of the features you need plus a few extra thrown in for good measure. Best of all, every single component is effectively created and built to previous. The simple fact that it has a one-year warranty is really a nice reward, too.

5. RAD Cycle Products Adjustable Repair Stand

Our last repair stand is out of RAD Cycle Products. We now haven’t had much experience with this particular new, but the provider boasts is one of many best bike stands you are able to purchase.

While we aren’t sure if we trust that, this model does have a number of features which allow it to be worth your own time.

Screw-Type Clamp

As far as springs go, this really is amongst the far better ones as it stinks using a twist and it will continue to work with just about all bicycle shapes and sizes. You can adjust the clamp involving one and 1.5 inches, then then rotate your bike in any position as it can earn the full circle. A rubber inside prevents scuffs and scratches in your bike framework, and it can hold up to sixty six pounds.

Height Adjustment

So far as customization moves, this particular model gets got the widest variety of anything which we’ve observed. That being said, in its tallest setting, you may truly feel a little bit of the slip when you set the bike on the rack. None the less, you’re able to fix the elevation between forty one and seventy-five inches.

Quadripod Style

Just like the unit above, the RAD Stand includes with 4 legs and feet. That settings makes the whole lot a great deal more stable, plus it will work with almost all surfaces. Additionally, the feet are tipped in rubber to prevent scuff marks onto the own floor.

Instrument Tray

At length, a durable and convenient tool tray causes this one of the best stands you are able to locate. Again, we’re not sure that we’re able to call best overall, however it does provide other models a run for their money.

What We Liked:

  • Durable aluminum framework
  • Weighs just twelve pounds
  • Screw-type clamp
  • Adjusts among you and 1.5 inches
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Retains your bike in virtually any position
  • Supports up to 66 pounds
  • Quadripod layout
  • Rubber feet won’t mark flooring
  • Folds up for Simple storage
  • Height alteration among 41-72 inches


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use
  • Fully adjustable
  • Will Work on almost all bikes
  • Folds for Straightforward storage
  • Stable on surfaces
  • Won’t mark up flooring
  • Device Tray included
  • Lightweight Layout


  • In some positions, the clamp may provide out under pressure
  • Some components are poorer than many others
  • In rare Scenarios, the connectors to adjust the height might break easily

Final Thoughts

While this version has each one the features which you require, we’d notice that some components are made of plastic. They do appear to hold up to pressure, but we have to admit our evaluations weren’t precisely rigorous. We would highly prefer that the alteration settings were finished having a more durable material, however it is still a formidable repair rack.


When looking at such different bicycle repair stands, it is hard to select one out which will be at the top of our list. That being said, it will depend how permanent your setup is. If you want something strong which will remain up for long periods, we recommend going with the Park Tool Home Mechanic model.

But if you want some thing more adaptable, then a bicycle stand from Conquer may be the thing to do. We like the quadruped design and also the fact that it’s some of these hardest elements you can find.


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