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Best Dropper Seatpost in 2018

If you are in to mountain biking biking, then you definitely are aware how crucial it’s always to get the best equipment for your own ride therefore you are able to acquire the best experience and remain protected while outside in the road. 1 component that’s fast turning into a mountain biker’s best pal could be your dropper seatpost. Even though this reasonably new technology remains somewhat high priced, the benefits of deploying this will be well worth every penny for several riders.

This device helps make it less difficult to scale the mountain and remain safer in down the ride. Now we are going to be heading over a number of the utmost effective and desirable dropper seatposts you may uncover, in addition to look in probably the main points that you ought to really be thinking of when coming up with your last choice.

What to Consider when choosing – Best Dropper Seatpost

Even though this tech is in existence because that the mid-80’s, these devices failed to start off to turn into popular before past ten years approximately. Because of enhanced need, dropper seatposts are quickly getting more nimble and technologicalinvention adept. Like a result, you can find a few critical features you ought to really be having to pay attention to this as to be certain you acquire the best seatpost to the ride along with the body type.

Seat Tube Diameter

Because the seatpost mounts on your present bicycle, it really is imperative you will find one which is going to meet perfectly; differently, you are going to hazard getting it become overly large or way too tiny. Generally, the devices arrive in several different measurements: 27.2, 30.9, 31.6, along with 34.9 millimeters.

You may examine your bicycle’s dimensions by looking in the engraved amounts in the post or employing calipers to step. You may even look up it on the web if you’d like to continue to keep matters uncomplicated. When you have seen a perfect game, then you are prepared to look in another features.

Cable Routing

To restrain the movements of one’s seatpost, you must utilize a cable to both lift and lower it upon requirement. For many the device’s historical past, the cable has been set towards the most effective close to the spool or over the medial side at which it gets the bottom of the stroke. Pretty much any seatpost created previous to 2012 is such a manner, that can be used with almost any motorcycle.

Strong Cables

Even though this time period is not employed professionally, contemporary seatposts possess the cable concealed and integral to a bicycle’s framework. Ergo, if you would like togo for a more stealthier option, you’ve got to be certain your bike is harmonious, rather than all of models will likely continue to work having a stealth seatpost. Because here really is the present fad, expect all prospective devices to work with this particular installment, that means you might have to to improve your bicycle along together with them.


Now you have ascertained if the seatpost will utilize your bicycle you may begin to customize your results to satisfy your needs. Certainly one of those first affairs which you ought to look at will be that the overall length, that will be quantified in the exact bottom for the cover of the clamp. The device ought to be fully long to obtain a precise reading.

Once you’ve got that, then you definitely have to figure out your best heap peak and insertion length, which we will head within one moment. Normal differentiation involving open and shut is located amongst 65 and 170 millimeters, with the majority of riders choosing one hundred twenty five for much better results.

Stack Peak

This metric is measured by seeing just how much the post goes out from this framework. This really is the location where you have to learn your perfect travel scope (exactly the 65-170 millimeter stat we only demonstrated you) as which is likely to be certain that you can lift and lower your self perfectly without even having to be overly tall or limited while possible trip.

To have an exact measurement of just how much pile elevation and also travel space you want you are going to need to assess the length in the middle of this saddle railing towards the cover of the bench holder once at ordinary driving position. Traditional position is if your leg is fully extended, albeit using a small bend in the knee. Once you’ve got this length, subtract fifty millimeters.

So, if your driving elevation is 170 mm, then you ought to have yourself a seatpost using a travel of 120 millimeter or even not. Why is it that you subtract fifty? Because if you did not, then you definitely run the chance of using a post that’s also long and will probably soon be overly much once you are at total extension. In this fashion in which you may be sure you may nonetheless meet your ordinary riding elevation but has the potential to lower satisfactorily enough to people twisting climbs.

Insertion Length

While pile elevation could be that the dimension of this post outside this bike framework, clipping length identifies the way long that the device will soon get in the framework. To have an exact reading, then you also ought to step from very top of this seatpost collar on the bottom of the post. Some devices have extra elements that stand out from these at the bottom, which means you need to find out to some length calculations.

Many seatposts can provide you with some minimal pruning length (for protection), therefore be certain it’s less compared to the max the bike will allow. 1 issue to stay in mind is the fact that if you receive an extra long seatpost plus it stands apart of this framework that’ll impact your pile height, then take this in to account too.

The collar really should not be flush with the framework, nevertheless, since that may damage it as you lower your self around and once again. There ought to be a little space, including a inch and to continue to keep your bicycle framework at best condition.

10 Best Dropper SeatpostĀ 

1. Thomson Elite Dropper Seat Post

Initially you may believe this Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost could be precisely the same since the person that we watched above. But this can be a down grade, especially if you believe external cables to become of the liability.

In consequence, whatever would be the exact same; just that model would be your old variant and therefore doesn’t possess stealth cables.

So far as dimensions move, this particular unit has been 400 mm long and includes 125 mm of travel space, that will be perfect for some riders. Because it’s got the cables onto the outside, it can be used with just about any motorcycle, while it is obsolete or fresh, which makes it somewhat more elastic compared to the Covert model.

Different features include heavy-duty aluminum metal construction, a lightweight framework, along with an incorporated barbell remote on your own advantage. 1 additional thing particular unit is missing could be your soft landing whenever you-drop, therefore bear this in mind too.


  • Durable 7050 aluminum metal
  • sleek bearings and operation
  • four hundred millimeter overall length
  • 125 mm travel space
  • Lightweight design and style
  • built-in handle-bar distant
  • Outside cable wiring
  • Precision designed


  • A little expensive than different models
  • Limited dimensions options available


2. Thomson Elite Covert Dropper 125mm

Whilst the title might imply, this dropper seatpost out of Thomson Elite is designed to function high-quality as achievable.

Using durable metallic components and also smooth bearings, then you also may employ this seatpost again and again without even wearing out it.

The magnitude of the model is comparatively typical, using four hundred mm of overall length as well as also a travel space of 125 mm.

The wiring is inner to continue to keep matters looking slick also to make certain you never unintentionally damage the cable whilst outside over the road. Best of all, it has a handle bar handy remote controller so you are able to proceed down or up easily.

Another excellent feature of the Covert Dropper is the fact that it slows down at the previous fifteen millimeters when falling therefore you never slip in the framework. Does that expand the life of one’s bike (as well as also the seatpost it self), however, it also makes certain the sensitive areas aren’t impacted adversely with the abrupt shift. Overall this really is among those greatest dropper seatposts you may come across.


  • Durable construction
  • Quality posture bushings
  • sleek operation
  • Overall length – 400mm
  • Inner cable wiring
  • 125 mm travel
  • 5 mm setback
  • Soft landing for relaxation
  • Lightweight design and style
  • handle-bar handy remote controller


  • Comes in two sizes only
  • Comperatively expensive


3. PNW Components Bachelor 150 Dropper SeatPost

We now have another marginally ordinary seatpost. Whilst this kind of model from PNW parts will not always have a thing fresh or brassy to offer you.

It’s include high-quality construction and performance, in addition to that the added particulars you may expect in the high end model.

The length with the seatpost can be somewhat longer than many others we have witnessed, measuring 458 M M overall.

The travel space can be somewhat bigger using 150 M M, that means specific model is excellent for bigger riders. To make sure proper performance, this post has a sealed living room and it is created from the lightweight but solid aluminum metal.

Another amazing feature with the post is you simply get yourself a fully adjustable headset therefore you are able to reposition your chair while you watch fit. In the end, it includes inside cable wiring along with also an incorporated barbell remote on your own advantage.


  • Durable 7050 aluminum metal
  • Sealed air-conditioning for clean operation
  • Inner cable routing
  • Overall length 458 millimeter
  • Moderate weight design and style
  • Travel space 150 millimeter
  • 2 bolt micro adjust mind
  • built-in handle-bar distant


  • Just two dimensions available
  • Does not fit in all bikes
  • may be far too heavy for several end users

4. Crank Brothers Highline Dropper Post

If you should be looking to get a seatpost that’s developed to function as equally tough and adaptable, afterward a high-line from Crank Brothers is still really a awesome option for you personally.

This specific model is assembled with the best materials, also it supplies high-quality performance just about every moment.

The length with the seatpost is 400 millimeter, that will be best for several riders if you don’t specially brief.

The framework is produced out of a durable 7075 aluminum metal, also it includes heavy duty elements to help keep you flying smoothly across the road. The travel space with this particular seatpost is 125 millimeter, and it will be about ordinary for the majority of riders.

Exactly what causes this model stick out one of the rest isn’t just the superior construction but likewise the simplicity of that you may put in it. It includes inner wiring and also a handle bar distant and normally takes just seconds to mount it into a own bike. Additional seatposts could be troublesome to put in, however perhaps not just particular one.


  • 7075 metal construction
  • rotational operation with LL-Glide bearings
  • Overall length 400 millimeter
  • 125 millimeter travel space
  • Inner cable wiring
  • built-in handle-bar distant
  • selfcontained hydraulic cartridge
  • Vertical alteration cable to tilt backward or forward
  • Lightweight design and style
  • Fast and effortless installment


  • Just two dimensions available
  • Does not fit on older bikes
  • Sometimes the activate remote may not work properly


5. Magura Vyron Wireless Electronic Dropper Seatpost

Our last stop has been a seatpost which is similar to no other. Some among the most important aspects of one or more of those models may be that the wiring, even as most riders prefer to maintain them indoors instead of outside.

With all the Magura Vyron Seatpost, but there’s no necessity to produce this choice whilst the handheld remote controller is wireless.

To attain this particular effect, there’s just a radio receiver constructed in to the framework of this post, that receives its requests by your radio handheld remote controller connected with the handle bar. Best of the battery is rechargeable through USB and could endure for as many as 2 months among expenses.

So far as size move, this post is 446 mm long and it has a travel space of 150 mm. Because it is wireless, then you are going to notice more rapidly results whenever you make use of the distant, which makes this type of hightech miracle that’s sparking a fresh era in mountain-biking trails.


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • sleek operation
  • Wireless transmission capable
  • handle-bar mounted charger distant
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Lasts around 2 months among expenses
  • 446 millimeter length
  • 150 millimeter travel space
  • Moderate weight design and style


  • Battery is not long lasting
  • Limited size options


6. KS LEV-DX Dropper Seatpost

Even as we have witnessed, most seatpost suppliers develop minimal dimensions variations inside their models since they’re attempting to appeal for probably the absolute most often encountered needs of bikers.

But if you like to have more choice on your seatpost to make certain you obtain the exact measurements and performance you’d like, subsequently your KS LEV-DX Dropper can be an excellent option.

As the construction and operation with the device are quite ordinary, you’ve got lots of different options as soon as it regards overall length, travel space, plus diameter. Best of all all these varieties are available for their absolute most often encountered diameters, so meaning you may customize just as far as you possibly would like.

At the low end you could possibly purchase 335 M M length and 100 mm of travel, where as at the highend you are able to possess 435 M M of length and 150 mm of travel. Without regard to dimension, all of them include outside cable cables and also a handle bar remote on your own advantage.


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • sleek operation
  • Lots of dimensions available
  • Minimum length – 335 mm
  • Highest length 435 mm
  • Minimum travel up to 100 mm
  • Maximum travel 150 millimeter
  • performs on either 30.9 along with 31.6 posts
  • Outside cable wiring
  • handle-bar mounted distant


  • Mounting could be catchy
  • perhaps not many sizes available to end users


7. DNM Mountain Bike Dropper Seatpost Lockout

We now have another high-quality dropper out of D NM. This provider is famous in generating these sorts of devices, which means you’ll find an excellent journey with no to fork out major dollars to get a greater end model.

This seatpost can be a little more compact compared to the Thomson Elite above, however, it’s produced out of durable 7050 aluminum and features sleek bearings to guarantee uncomplicated transitioning from high to low quality.

The overall length is 330 millimeters, making it well suited for shorter and smaller riders. The travel space is 1-10 millimeter, also it employs an outside cable to attach into the handy remote controller.

Best of all, if the remote is not functioning, then you can correct the elevation by hand without even needing gear. It’s an oil and air suspension that ensures fluid movements and improved results overall. The single drawback for the model is it’s maybe not designed to transport huge riders.


  • Durable 7050 aluminum construction
  • sleek operation
  • 330 millimeters overall length
  • Minimum insertion 105 millimeter
  • utmost insertion 170 millimeter
  • 1 10 mm travel
  • Moderate weight design and style
  • handle-bar distant included
  • Topical cable wiring
  • works together handbook or activate alteration
  • Air/oil suspension


  • perhaps not designed for heavy riders
  • bring about distant mightn’t consistently do the job properly
  • Some elements usually are less durable as many others
  • Just two dimensions available


8. Race Face Turbine Dropper Seatpost Remote

Just enjoy the KES model above, the following we’ve another seatpost that’s designed to be customizable as you possibly can. In this manner, if you’re short or tall or want extra travel space, you’ll locate it right here.

In most you can find just seven different variants from that you may pick, based in your own chair diameter and overall length requirements.

At the low end, you may pick a length of 350 mm using a travel space of 100 mm. At the top quality you could possibly purchase 4 5 0 M M length using a travel of 150 mm. These models have include inside cable wiring and also a two-bolt adjustable wrench and that means that you are able to shift the chair the best way to watch fit.

Another added feature with the seatpost is it’s hardened against filthy weather conditions. All these models had been tested from the snow and also functioned well irrespective of freeze, and so you shouldn’t be afraid to choose the paths once the earth remains suspended.


  • Durable 7050 aluminum metal
  • 4 lengths available
  • 350 to 450 millimeters overall length
  • 100-150 millimeter travel space
  • Two-bolt adjustable nozzle
  • Inner cable wiring
  • Tested in extreme climate
  • built-in handle-bar distant
  • 0 mm offset


  • In infrequent instances, the post can perhaps not stretch fully
  • may be overly heavy for several end users


9. Tmars Mountain Bike Dropper Seatpost

For the large part, dropper seatposts are quite expensive what to placed up your own mountain bicycle. Whilst many would assert the the price tag will probably be well worth it to get its advantage and convenience, a few people may perhaps not really be able to have the funds for increased wind models.

Thankfully, that seatpost out of Tmars is specially designed for people that do not desire to lose a whole lot of money on motorcycle devices.

Regrettably, this model just comes in 1 measurement, which is somewhat longer compared to other people we have viewed. Ergo, if you’re a shorter rider, then you may have a few issues on this specific device. The overall length is 445 millimeter using a travel space of 1-10 mm. That which we do enjoy about it seatpost is you simply get about three different shed positions, by the complete elevation, mid way, after which all of the way down. In this fashion in which you may customize your experience because you descend.

While a few whine about outside wiring, even we presume it is sometimes a excellent thing, even depending on the type of motorcycle you’ve got. Just modern bikes are equipped to manage stealth seatposts, Thus if you should be riding some thing somewhat old, you then are in need of a model with outside cables. Last but not least, just like each one those devices, you acquire the incorporated barbell remote and that means that you may rise and down will without having quitting.


  • Durable 6066 aluminum metal
  • 27.2 diameter
  • 110 millimeter travel space
  • Overall length of 445 millimeter
  • three fall positions
  • 0, 55, and 1-10 millimeter
  • Topical cable wiring
  • built-in handle-bar remote activate
  • Moderate weight design and style


  • just 1 dimension available
  • Cable could be long enough for several bicycles
  • In infrequent instances, the device isn’t going to go up following being dropped


10. FSP-501 Mountain Bike Hydraulic Dropper SeatPost

Up to now, we have viewed seatposts which arrive in multiple measurements however stay precisely the same length. When most organizations do matters like this, this Dropper Seatpost from FSP-501 corrects all with all the bigger dimensions, so bear this in mind when coming up with your last choice.

At the more compact end you could possibly find yourself a post that’s 390 millimeter using a travel space of 100 mm.

If you choose the more expensive model, you obtain 430 millimeters overall length and 11-5 travel. Together with both components, the cable wiring is outside, plus so they have been manufactured from heavy duty 7075 aluminium metal. The different thing which puts that seatpost besides rest is it weighs longer, that means it may be considered a deterrent or even some benefit, depending what you look at it.

Some cyclists prefer to enhance their weight at any cost, where as some others could appreciate needing some thing more powerful for basic safety. Last but not least, just like seatposts, this device includes a incorporated handheld remote controller over the table to get advantage. None the less, you’re able to correct the elevation by hand without any gear if you need to.


  • Durable 7075 aluminum metal
  • Sleek operation
  • Travel space of 100 or 115 Millimeter
  • Overall length in Between 390 and 430 Millimeter
  • Topical cable wiring
  • Built-in Handle-bar remote controller
  • Heavyweight layout


  • In infrequent Scenarios, the lubricant could flow
  • Just two dimensions available
  • Some elements are Less durable as the others


Following looking through those numerous seatposts, our top rated collections need to function as that the Thomson Elite Covert Dropper and also perhaps the KES LEV-DX models. We enjoy the plan and quality of this Thomson post, however, we appreciate the level of depth that you have using all the KES model. Overall, the two devices possess the best features and performance it’s possible to purchase, which makes them the perfect choice for absolutely any severe rider.


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