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Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike in 2018 – Pro Choices

If you are on the market looking to buy among those best full suspension mountain bikes in 2018, then you’ve reached the ideal location! At the conclusion of this post, you are likely to understand every thing there is to learn about mountain bikes so you are able to produce a knowledgeable decision.

First, you will learn the most notable things that you want to consider when it comes to choosing a bike and after that you are likely to read product reviews of among their best full suspension mountain bikes now available on the marketplace today.

5 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike

1. Diamondback Bicycles Suspension Mountain Bike

If you would like to locate the best of their best, then you are definitely going to need to spend the money so as to receive it done and this is likely to become a terrific option for one to spend the money on. Not merely is it a excellent option when it comes to most the features and specifications, nevertheless, you are definitely going to love the cap of the line brand components.

Brand-name Components

If you’re spending plenty of money to get a bicycle, then you have to be sure you’re receiving a great deal of great parts and components along with your bike and you also are getting that using this particular bike. From the very top to the bottom, every one the parts and components have been fresh.

27.5 Inch Big Wheels

The huge wheels onto this particular bike are amazingly beneficial to get a whole lot of reasons. With tires this size, you are likely to easily move over obstacles also it’ll not be any problem for one to steer or handle fast and easily at all times.

Aluminum-alloy Frame

As with lots of the additional choices you have seen so far, this specific bike is certainly going in the future with an aluminum metal framework. The framework helps to create it exceptionally strong and durable and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you may not need to be worried about the durability of one’s framework.

SRAM Drive-train

Additionally, you are going to locate the SRAM 10-speed drive-train is among the best ones that you will see in the current market also it makes it easy for one to have full access to a vast assortment of gears in all times.


Brand title components
Strong and durable framework
10 speed bicycle
Smooth and comfortable ride
Enormous tires


Very expensive

Highlighted Features

Aluminum alloy full suspension frame
SRAM 10-speed Drive-train
27.5 inch wheels
Hydraulic disc brakes
broad Assortment of gears


While this bike may be overly expensive for some people, it may possibly be among the best options you could see when it comes to looking to get a solid full suspension mountain bike. If you’ve enough money and would like to spend it onto a bicycle, then this is really a excellent option to decide on.

2. Gravity FSX 1.0 Suspension Mountain Bike

This kind of bike is certainly going to be among the best choices for you if you’d like to locate a bike which allows one to select between a couple different colors and combines a great deal of amazing features. Whenever you look at the motorcycle, you are likely to obtain an aluminum frame, Shimano shifters and rapid release wheels which will help ensure it is among the best bikes you’ll find!

Multiple Shade Choices

If you’re the type of person it doesn’t desire to get narrowed down with just 1 color choice when it comes to your bike, this is likely to be the option for you because it’s possible to choose from three different colors. If you need grey, white or yellow, you’ll not have any problem locating the perfect colour choice for the brand new bike.

Shimano Shifters

Some people have a great deal of trouble when it comes to shifting their motorcycle however, you may rest easy knowing that this bike wont have this issue. Thanks to this Shimano shifters, everytime you shift throughout your ride will probably be easy and simple so that you may not need to be worried about every struggling together with your shifters.

Adjustable Suspension System

If you would like complete control on the suspension in your own bicycle, then this is only one of the best features for you personally because it comes with a adjustable suspension at either front and the back so that you can easily adjust it to whatever you think is best for you personally.

Quick Release Wheels

Last but most certainly not least, if you’re the type of person to travel together with your bike nevertheless, you struggle to get a means to transport that, then you definitely are going to love the speedy release wheels at either front and the back. These wheels make it easy for one to simply take them off and transport the bike using little to no hard work.


Strong and durable framework
Easy to use shifters
Adjustable suspension
Light rims
a Lot of colour options


Assembly may be difficult

Highlighted Features

Front and rear disc brakes
Shimano shifters
Adjustable suspension
Dual wall rims
Quick release wheels


If you should be looking to get a bike which allows one to select between a couple different colors but still packs in a huge amount of wonderful features and components, this is likely to be certainly one among the best choices for you personally and you also won’t be disappointed by what you purchase.

3. Schwinn Wheel Full Suspension Mountain Bike

If you understand just a little bit about bikes, you understand that Schwinn is among many popular brands that you’re going to get on the marketplace and this specific bike is just one of the top choices you’re likely to locate. It comes with a strong aluminum full suspension fork plus it has front and rear disc brakes to supply you with every one the stopping power which you require.

Front &Rear Disc Brakes

If you really care about the safety when you’re riding your motorcycle, you wish to get sure you obtain yourself a set of brakes which is likely to be able to stop you at virtually any conditions. The front and back disc brakes with this bike help accomplish just that and using brakes at front and back allow it to be much easier to stop if you will need to.

Aluminum Full Suspension Frame

If you are looking to discover the complete suspension frame which could stand up to what you may possibly put it this is likely to be certainly one among the best choices. This aluminum full suspension framework helps to be sure you receive yourself a strong and durable framework which is also lightweight and allows one to create it along with you to the move.

SR Suntour Suspension Fork

Everybody knows a suspension sort is crucial if it comes to getting a more complete suspension bike so that you are getting to love the SR Suntour suspension fork. It is likely to be sure you find the best results possible and it’ll soon be easy for one to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride on all types of terrain.

29 inches Alloy Wheels

Generally, you are going to get there larger the wheels really are, the smoother the ride is certainly going to be and the easier it’ll be that you ride all types of terrain. With this bike, you are definitely going to enjoy 2-9″ metal wheels which are sure to offer you loads of size to make sure to receive the results that you would like.


Strong and durable framework
Solid suspension
Brakes in front and back
Alloy wheels and cranks
Trigger shifters


Pedal location may be much better
Uncomfortable seat

Highlighted Features

Schwinn complete suspension aluminum framework
SR Suntour suspension fork
Front and rear disc brakes
Metal 2-9″ wheels
3-piece metal cranks


When push comes to shove, this bike made by Schwinn is actually a excellent option for just about anybody. By the entire suspension aluminum framework all the way down to the 2-9″ metal wheels, there is too much to enjoy about this bike and you are likely to discover that it may be perfect for you personally.

4. Northwoods Aluminum Suspension Mountain Bike

If you would like to get among the most affordable options with this list and you’ll prefer to come across a fantastic bike with out to spend a bunch of money, this is only one among the best choices for you personally. As you’ll see below, you’ll find always a couple different tone options as well as some fantastic parts and materials.

Shimano Shifters

As stated earlier in the day, you are going to discover any particular certain of the best things to pay attention to is your shifters because you would like to be sure it is easy to shift from gear to gear. With all the Shimano shifters with this bike, it won’t ever be considered a pain that you alter your own gear.

Full Suspension Aluminum Frame

This specific framework with this bike is certainly going to become similar to a whole lot of different ones that you have seen however it is still a excellent match for just about anybody. This provides you with a strong and durable material along side a 50mm steel crown.

Two-color Choices

If it comes right down to choosing the tone of your bike, you’ll likely be able to choose from a couple different colors so it is possible to get whatever one is certainly going to be best for you personally. In this case, you have the option between a green and grey or perhaps a orange and grey.

24 inches Rims

These aren’t likely to become some of the biggest tires that you’re likely to get with this specific review post however, the size of these tires is still pretty solid and can supply you with loads of handling and traction to provide you with a fantastic all round experience.


Strong and durable framework
Comfortable ride
Enormous wheels
Strong materials


Very Few Brandname components

Highlighted Features

24″ metal rims
2-1 speed twist shifter
Shimano rear derailleur
Steel crank
Full suspension aluminum framework


There really are a whole lot of good considerations to bear in mind when it comes to purchasing this bike and you are going to discover it has plenty of things which you’re looking for in a bicycle seat. If you would like to stay in a budget however find yourself a solid motorcycle, this is the option for you personally.

5. Diamondback Bicycles Complete Full Suspension Mountain Bike

If it comes to mountain bikes, among the top brand choices you’re able to opt for is Diamondback and you’re going to find this specific bike is just one of many better options among this list because it packs in a huge amount of great features at an affordable price. By the aluminum metal frame for strength and durability into these mechanical disc brakes that allow one to stop anytime, this is really a superb option for beginners and advanced riders.

Shimano 3×8-Speed Drive-train

If you should be looking to find some of the higher shifting performance when it comes into some mountain bike and you also ought to be sure the bike uses brand name components, you are going to prefer the Shimano drive train within this bike. It comes with 2-4 different speeds for you to choose from and also the SR Suntour cranks will give you with reliable shifting all times to your best riding experience.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

The brakes on almost any bike are still an important consideration to bear in mind since they will be responsible for stopping your bike and making sure you’re safe at all times. You may not need to be concerned about the brakes on this bike because they truly are Tektro Aires mechanical disc brakes which will help be sure that you are able to fast and economically stop regardless of what conditions you will face.

Aluminum-alloy Frame

The framework of this bike is made of a handbuilt, 4 inch travel 6061 t6 aluminum alloy full suspension frame which is remarkably strong and durable. Whenever you own a framework similar to this, you may rest easy knowing that you’re getting all you want to possess with the framework. Plus, you will enjoy the aluminum stuff which could help keep your bike in fantastic shape for quite a long moment.

Sealed Cartridge Bearings

The optimized single pivot with this bike comes with sealed cartridge bearings which will help offer you a smooth and durable performance in any way times. As soon as it is not just a necessity to get this to your own bike, it substantially improves the overall performance of the bike.


Strong and durable framework
Reliable shifting
Smooth performance
Easy stopping power
Brand title bicycle


Tires may be much better

Highlighted Features

Aluminum-alloy framework
Sealed cartridge bearings
SR Suntour suspension fork
Shimano speed Drive Train
Tektro Aires mechanical disc brakes


If you are looking to locate one among the best bikes in a few of the best values with this post, this is certainly going to be certainly one among the best choices for you thanks because of its excellent features and specifications offered via this bike.

Things To Consider When Choosing Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike at 2018


If you should be looking to obtain some of those best tires to placed in your own bicycle, then you have to make sure to consider where you’re riding the bike as a way to receive the best results. Whichever tire you go for, you are going to discover how long it performs is certainly going to depend on which you’re riding. IF you’re working to acquire yourself a mountain bike which goes fast and moves at high speeds, then you are definitely going to wish to choose a slick tire which is lean and has reduced rolling resistance as well as increased speed. But if you are looking to locate something which has a far better grasp to be sure that you never skid off the road, a profound thread onto the bike is precisely what you desire.


You can find two different types of handlebars to consider when it comes into some mountain bike plus one is likely to work with you personally but it is personal preference whether you choose to decide on horizontal bars or riser bars. The horizontal bars essentially sit lower and certainly are only a little lighter compared to one different type of handlebars. Typically, these handlebars are planning to function as the choice of anybody looking to ride long distances. Following that, you can find riser bars that arrive in a great deal of shapes and therefore are substantially wider and easier to attain than the horizontal bars. These can allow you to sit upright and therefore are the best choice for downhill riding.


Almost every mountain-bike that you look at is certainly going in the future with pedals already included and you may easily maintain those if you’d like to however chances are good you are going to desire to upgrade the pedals because they have been horizontal, simple pedals which may not be beneficial for the type of riding. If you should be looking to ride longer and farther in your own bicycle, then I suggest upgrading your pedals into your clipless pedal. If you anticipate upgrading your bike, be sure that you proceed along with the clipless pedals however there is not anything wrong by leaving the pedals which were included together with your own bike.


If you’ve ever purchased a bicycle, it is going to come as no surprise the seat included together with your bike is most likely miserable and uncomfortable. The issue, however, is that I can’t suggest a single seat for everybody else because it is certainly going to depend from person to person. Whenever you determine that seat that you would like to buy, then I suggest trying it out and picking like that. You are able to read as many reviews as you desire, however the one means to see how it works for you is to actually sit.


If you are just like many different people, then you probably believed the framework decision will be an easy decision to make but you will find a great deal of factors which go in your decision and both biggest would be the strength and the weight of this framework. The most important choices of framework stuff are aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, steel and ceramic. Of those, I would urge aluminum for almost everybody else because it is among the most popular choices that looks amazing, is strong and durable and is lightweight and more affordable.


Whichever bike you purchase, you will see some type of suspension included along with your purchase plus it can play play a important role in finding an infinitely more enjoyable and smooth ride overall once you ride on the bike. There are just two choices for you to choose from when it comes to suspension which is front or complete suspension. The front suspension is simply going to possess you shock at the front part of the bike whereas the complete suspension has shocks throughout the bike.

Overall Use

It’s essential that you actually be honest with yourself and determine just how much you’re likely to use the motorcycle. If you believe that may use the bike just about any single day, then you should spend a reasonable amount of money to be sure you could get whatever you require. With spending additional money, you also provide peace of mind knowing it’s going to last you longer. But if you’re just looking to get a temporary solution, I suggest not spending a bunch of money and obtaining a bike which may do enough to you without costing quite a bit.


As you may see, there is a lot which you want to bear in mind when it comes to purchasing the best full suspension mountain bike in the marketplace. By using the information we discussed above as well as paying close attention to the product reviews above you should not have any problem purchasing the best bike that fits your needs each time you ride.

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